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Via Zoom - Link will be sent in email upon sign up


I am so excited to be offering a course that will support you in your journey to develop your gifts, and grow your connection to all that exists beyond our physical world!


Throughout the 5 weeks, we will work on establishing a supportive connection and clear channels of communication with the Divine. We will do this by practicing different intuitive exercises, learning about energy, and doing guided meditations.

Each week we will meet for 75mins via Zoom.

Week 1:


Establishing Intentions

Overview of Course Plan

30min Mediumship Reading from Cass

Week 2:

Introduction to Meditation

Meeting & Establishing a Connection with Your Guides

Identifying Dominant Clairs

Week 3:

Overview of Chakras 

Identifying Strengths/Blocks within your Energy Centers

Automatic Writing Exercise to Receive Messages from Your Guides


Week 4:

Psychic Development Exercises

Exercises to Strengthen Each Clair

Week 5:

Q&A and review of program

Full 30min reading exchange with Cass

This course is designed to give you the tools and understanding to continue to grow and develop your relationship with the Divine long after the five weeks are over. My goal is that through this course you are able to develop a stronger connection and trust in the Divine to allow Divine guidance and communication to positively impact your soul's progression in your life's journey.

Live Q&A Session:
becoming a Psychic Medium

Sunday March 17, 2024


Via Zoom - Link will be sent in email upon sign up

Many people that I speak with have questions as to what this experience of becoming a Psychic Medium has entailed and what exists beyond what we see in this physical world. I am so excited to offer the opportunity to share what I have learned and experience with you!

Have questions about where your loved ones go after they pass? Or how I receive communication with them? Do you receive signs from the Universe like angel numbers, butterflies, songs, coincidences and synchronicities that you want to learn more about?

We will dive into all of your questions, and have a few laughs along the way! 

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