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Psychic Medium

What started as a deep appreciation for nature and honoring our true existence as human beings, has led to an incredible spiritual journey that has opened up my gifts as a Psychic Medium.


Now, as an evidential medium and psychic, my goal is to bring peace, comfort, purpose and healing to others by relaying messages, guidance, and inspiration from the spirit world to our physical world.

More About Me

Ever since I was very young, I had a strong sense that I was interacting with a world that I could not see.

Throughout my life I have had such a deep appreciation for nature, and often sought out moments of complete silence in front of a beautiful view of nature. It was in these moments, and when I began meditating, that I began to form a deeper connection with Spirit, and start my formal communication with the spirit world. 

Over the years I have developed my communication with the Spirit world. In my readings, I am able to provide evidence of our passed loved ones and spirit guides' presence in our lives, as well as, deliver messages and provide insight from their perspective that will foster healing and growth in our physical lives.


While we may not be able to see our Spirit guides, and our loved ones are no longer with us physically, they are still very much a part of our lives, guiding, loving and supporting us through every moment.  

I am honored to have the opportunity to bring awareness to these connections and be a communicator between the two worlds.

- Cass

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