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How and why did I become a Psychic Medium?

Throughout my entire life I felt like more existed than I could see with my physical eyes. I would have very vivid lucid dreams, and feel presences and energies as I moved throughout my days. In my late 20’s, I started to go through a spiritual awakening, where signs and synchronicities were happening at a rate that I just could not ignore anymore. As I slowed down, started to meditate, and started to believe and understand the signs that I was receiving, I began to realize that I was communicating with the Spirit World frequently through senses that I did not even know existed. I started to learn more about these senses and spirituality, and my awareness started to expand. At this time I was also pushed by another Psychic Medium to develop my gifts further, and so, I did, and here we are!

The process of developing trust in the Divine and the evolution of my belief system in the Universe completely transformed my way of living in this world. As I learned more about my gifts, and began to trust in what was happening more and more, my awareness and communication with the Spirit World became more accessible. It is through this process, that I began to understand the healing powers of connecting with the Spirit World.

What is the difference between a Psychic Reading and a Mediumship Reading?

In a Psychic reading, I will connect to your energy as well as your team of support in the Spirit World that guides you and supports you in your journey here on Earth. In a Mediumship reading I will connect to your loved ones who's souls have transitioned to the Spirit World.

What is the purpose of a Mediumship session with me?

Not only does Mediumship provide so much comfort through deep grief, as we can validate that our loved ones are still very much in our lives, and in a beautiful place after they pass on, but it also allows us to open our awareness to our own soul’s path, and validates that there is life after death for us. There is nothing more comforting or empowering than hearing from our loved ones on the other side, that they are indeed having a beautiful experience in the Spirit World and are aware of and helping us in all that goes on here on Earth.


What happens during a Mediumship session with me, and how does this really work?

Sessions are done either in person or via Zoom. I will ask you for your intentions for the session. Intentions are typically to connect with certain passed loved ones, receive insight into a situation that is happening, or receive general guidance from the Universe into our life or soul purpose. I will then start to connect and provide evidence of your loved one and a message from them. Evidence can include physical descriptions, personality traits, hobbies, jobs, relationships, or memories that you have with them. I do not get to choose the evidence that they provide, unfortunately! I often find that the evidence they provide comes with a feeling or theme that is then transmuted into a message that is relevant for something that is currently ocurring in your life, or is guidance to move your soul towards its highest good. The combination of evidence and messages gives such validation not only that their soul still exists, but that they are right here with us through every up and down! Often times, they will even share how they connect with your through certain signs and synchronicities that you might think are coincidences, or be missing completely!


Can I ask to connect with a certain person?

I will start the session by connecting with whoever steps forward to speak first. I believe that the Universe knows what we need, and often times an unexpected loved one can come through with a powerful message that is very relevant to your life and your soul moving towards its highest good. I work in the space where we utilize the connection to the Spirit World to heal and to move towards our most authentic selves, and by allowing the Universe to provide what we need, and overriding our human minds in what we think we need, we allow ourselves to expand and grow on levels that we could not imagine. That all being said, I typically save some time at the end of the reading for you to hear from someone special, if we haven’t already connected with someone that you were hoping to hear from.

Is there anything that I should do before or after the reading?

While a session does not require you to do any “work”, connecting with the other side through a Medium is a three way process, and it does require your energy to be accessed in order to connect with your loved ones. In addition, it can be very overwhelming to hear from your loved ones! It can be a very surreal and miraculous feeling after you hear from someone that you never expected to hear from again. Both before and after your reading I can encourage you to just relax and enjoy the experience of connecting with the other side.


What is the client’s job during the session?

Try to be as open to receiving as possible. Listen, and validate whether the information given makes sense or not. It’s a three conversation between you, me and your lovied ones  in spirit! Most important, relax and feel comfort in knowing that your loved ones are still with you.



What if no one comes from spirit to connect with you during a session?

I have yet to have this happen. There are often many loved ones who would love to connect. If that were to happen, it does not mean that Spirit does not want to connect with you, but that it might not be the right time. They may be waiting for a better time, when their messages make more sense. Sometimes, a person coming for a session is in deep, recent grief and can feel blocked or unable to make sense of the information coming through. In the rare case that this happens with your reading, we will reschedule a reading a few months later and try again with additional fee.

What is the difference between the Divine, Universe, Spirit World, and Heaven?

I find that these terms are used interchangeably in the spiritual community. For me, I connect with a world that exists simultaneously as ours, that is filled with light that transmutes all negative energies, and therefore exists in a way that I had previously known as Heaven, although this world is far more infinite and multifaceted (in a good way!) than I had considered Heaven to be. Therefore, I often call it the Divine, the Universe or the Spirit World. This world exists through just a thin veil from ours and requires different senses known as "Clairs" to access and communicate with it.

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