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Channeled Messages & Photography

Photography taken on my spiritually journey paired with messages that I have channeled from the Divine, shared for the purpose to inspire others on their journey ✨

Creating a path that is conducive to your soul's purpose relies heavily on maintaining a steadfast loyalty and commitment to engaging in actions and thoughts that will lead us to our highest good. With all of the noise in the world, it is our heart and soul that will navigate us to make the choices that lead us into the light.


May your blessings be great, your heart be humble, your energy be lively and your soul be rich with love for the oneness of us all. For we exist for you to exist, and you exist for us to exist. We are not as separate as your eyes make it seem. We are here and you are here. All together as one. Within our realm and our Earth, we exist as one. 


Our Divinity leads us from within to unravel and spark all of the magic in our waking life. May you bring this light, this spark, your Divinity to the forefront of your human existence to shine your light for all to see and follow. For through the light we have the truth, and the purest truth that exists in the deepest parts of our souls, is love.


Our truth exists in the part of our soul that feeds our desire to play, laugh, and love.

One of the most important lessons we learn on Earth is to surrender. The time wasted in trying to control what happens in our lives only moves us further away from alignment to our Higher Selves. We are all part of a Divine plan, and all events will ultimately unfold in the time that they are meant to. It is when we let go of the control of time that we truly experience the life that the Divine intended for us in our growth as souls on Earth.


There will always be times in life when we have to face disappointment and loss, whether it be with ourself or with our outside worlds. The is part of life and we must ALWAYS have compassion, empathy, and understanding for ourselves and others. This too shall pass.

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